Stratis Camatsos //// CEO

A lawyer and solicitor by trade, qualified in both in New York and England and Wales,

Stratis is the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Stratis has worked with small businesses wanting to establish themselves in foreign markets, as well as with shipping and logistics. Stratis always performed every task with the goal in mind to give back somehow socially or environmentally. He, thus, transitioned into becoming a social entrepreneur.

He began his journey by establishing his first social enterprise in 2013, with his family's olive oil production, honouring both his family and traditions and creating something of value by giving back to his community and environment. His business and product have won many awards over the years highlighting the commitment and passion that goes into bringing a quality, ethical and sustainable product to the market and to consumers. He has also been involved in a couple of other social projects, including one in the fashion industry and the recent European immigration issue, and was a TEDx speaker with his talk being about Empathy and Entrepreneurship

Leonie Mirmikidis 

Suppliers & Administration

Leonie's diverse and extensive experience is the result of forward-thinking ideas in small and medium-sized businesses, in both the private and public sectors.  She has extensive knowledge in sales and marketing as she was head of her department of a large marketing company in Australia.

An advocate for quality and fairness, Leonie is known for creativity and working with businesses that promote wellness, and social consciousness while minimising our impact on the planet.  Leonie and her partners created Ethically Sourced For You to bring ethical businesses and conscious retailers together, which became the backbone of Ethically Sourced Network.  

She has creative knowledge in the supply chain industry as she is a partner in a SME food manufacturing company in the UK.

Jeanette Friedrich

Partnerships and Sales

Jeanette's career covers both private enterprise and corporate companies . Her experience includes developing and managing customer relations and successful negotiation skills with corporate clients. Jeanette's specialty is working to budgets and achieving successful outcomes.

Rick Schultheis 

Business Development Director

Rick's experience is as a sales director both in the UK and EU in hospitality and service industries. His success in these fields is recognised in his industry. Rick's focus has always been on ensuring the companies he works with are successful and top of their industry.

Rick has substantial skills in business planning, setting and executing sales targets and achieving results.

Ray Sibashis

Project and Supply Chain Manager

Ray and his team are the blockchain consultants. He has more than 15 years of corporate experience in Project Management and has good knowledge of Supply Chain Management.His team has written a book on Blockchains and several papers on Blockchains Business Strategies, and were also involved in Commodity Trading and Sovereign Debt Instruments Trading in the City of London. written They have also worked with many organizations to help with their utilisation of the Internet to enhance their supply chains.