Innovatively matching ethical suppliers with responsible buyers on the blockchain. 

Giving you the tools and services you need to grow your business sustainably

A Platform that Enhances Your Product Provenance and Tells Your Story

Using our innovative platform, you will be able to showcase your product to our list of responsible buyers. You can add product details, certifications, MSRP, price margins, packaging dimensions, imagery, and video to let the buyers know your product's qualities and story. You are in control through our suppliers dashboard. Our innovative search algorithms will match you with these buyers who care about sustainability and ethical products. Build visibility and establish product provenance innovatively through our blockchain supply chain.

Create, Manage, and Grow Your Retail Relationships

Not only can you create a retail sales pipeline to track your retail leads and discover ways to engage with buyers, but Ethically Sourced Network will help you grow your brand through tailored services offered with expertise advice and support. Utilise the power of our blockchain technology and partnership with IBM Food Trust to enhance your products' certifiable status and highlight its authenticity, sustainability and ethical nature from the point of origin to the end destination. Get the unique Ethically Sourced™ certification mark to allow your product stand out to buyers by showcasing its product provenance.  

Creating Market Access and Disrupting Traditional Supply Chains

We are here to accelerate the ethical and sustainable product movement, provide market access to SME suppliers, and to innovatively revolutionise the value chain through our powerful blockchain supply chain. With our secure, transparent, traceable, direct marketing digital platform, and asset filled platform with expert services offered, your brand and product will break the barriers to enter the market and put you on a level playing field with larger players, allowing you to grow sustainably.

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