Our story

The team of Ethically Sourced Network came from different walks of life and nationalities, 

their stars aligned when they found each other in the UK discussing over a cup of tea and bottle of olive oil, a 

common ground stemming from a common frustration; the difficulty of finding products, aligning with

their ethical and sustainable lifestyle, from the more well-known retail outlets and not knowing exactly

where the products they were already buying were sourced from! Each of them had been affected in 

their  own way - be it health, agriculture, or even immigration with the increasing strain that our 

unsustainable society and consuming patterns have put on our planet. However, they found that they spent a 

lot of time sourcing these products from different places that came even more difficult in maintaining their


And that's when this little bottle of olive oil, that was sitting in front of them, lit up a light for all of them

that gave them an idea to find a solution to their frustrating problem. This extra virgin olive oil was from

a small producer, it was organic, it had won many awards for its quality, it was also ethical and

sustainable with its way in producing and business model, but hardly anyone knew it! Thus, they

thought why not create a platform that would bring these smaller producers that were passionate about

producing and operating sustainably and ethically under one roof and connect them to the right buyers

so that they can grow their business with transparency, traceability and sustainability? And that is how

Ethically Sourced Network was born.

At the center of their movement is sustainability and ethical: "Sustainability" means not undermining the  prerequisites of what you are doing, living on the land without ruining it, using without using up, limiting how much  you draw down reserves so that you do not deplete fast than you replenish. It is not only about living with constraints, parameters, and limits but also about prescribing some inherently wrong or causally harmful types of action, and about creating the proper kind of sensibility, motivation, and moral commitment in people. "ethical" means - to do with  the principles, standards, rules, norms of conduct that make cooperation,justice, and freedom possible. Ethics is inseparable from questions of cultural meaning and social power;it provides a philosophically based touchstone  for an ideal of justice, right relationship, and the proper use of power and authority. "blockchain" means - a technology that creates a digital supply chain and a decentralised one, not being controlled by any one organisation or company, and creates a completely traceably and transparent environment for the suppliers on this  value chain building up the trust between the parties. Their name, Ethically Sourced Network, encompasses all these qualities, and they strive to share, live, and breath by it every single day. Join the movement and become a part of something worth fighting for.

Message from CEO Stratis Camatsos