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We, at evo3 olive farms, come from three generations of family passion, producing award-winning, certifiable Ethically Sourced™, single-estate extra virgin olive oil. However, we have also created a brand with a socially responsible vision, tackling deforestation and poverty. We were the first Greek olive oil social enterprise, and our mission is that for every bottle sold, a tree will be planted in a deforested area in Africa while creating employment for people in these impoverished areas.

The aim is for everyone to share the passion and love for the olive tree, olives and olive oil. evo3 olive farms is focused on more than just producing innovative Greek foods and planting trees. We want to help change lives.

The taste of the olive oil itself exhibits abundant fruitiness, green grass, sweetness, some bitterness, light pungency and notes of hay, with exceptional harmony, a high complexity and high persistence.

As a marmalade lover, Simon set out over 30 years ago to make a marmalade that would fulfil his requirements for a dark & tangy conserve - something he couldn't find on a shop shelf. After a few mishaps, including a set so solid he struggled to get the marmalade out of the jar, he managed to produce a Seville orange and lemon marmalade that was rich, dark & tangy.

Simon has now added Simon's Marmalade Gin Liqueur which has this marmalade at its heart. A carefully selected London Dry Gin with a recipe dating back to 1909 is infused over several weeks to impart the flavour of Simon's Marmalade to the gin. This involves careful agitation during the first week to ensure an even distribution of the marmalade within the gin. Once the infusion is complete, the gin liqueur goes through 3 filtration processes to remove the larger and finer particles of marmalade which have imparted their flavour.