The food industry is very keen to be able to demonstrate the origin of the ingredients we purchase and eat. Many reasons drive this interest in food provenance: best crops from a well-defined region, combined with local water with characteristic taste, using a traditional distillation process, and manufacturing with a specific fermentation method, with themselves a remarkable provenance, is a stamp of quality and trust. Ethical labels, such as the Ethically Sourced certification, also guarantee that products were produced under decent working conditions, while promoting local sustainability and ensuring animal welfare. Understanding the provenance of food, i.e. its origin, how it is produced, transported, and delivered to us, is turned into a competitive advantage by the food industry, since it allows it to demonstrate quality (in taste, in carbon foot print, or in ethics).

Furthermore, across the world, governments and associated regulatory authorities are interested in food safety. In this context, the term of choice is "traceability". Regulations, such as the EU Food law, require the traceability of food, feed, food-producing animals and any other substance intended to be, or expected to be, incorporated into a food or feed to be established at all stages of production, processing and distribution.

Supply chains will continue to become entirely transparent, and consumers will continue to demand and expect more from manufacturers, brands and retailers, as the consumer becomes more conscious of supply chains, manufacture, product provenance and environmental impacts. These problems have highlighted the need for solutions like the ones that Ethically Sourced For You has built. The building of a supply chain with blockchain integrated showcasing the provenance of products and having an Ethically Sourced certification mark safeguards the integrity of the chain and the safety of the consumers. This means that stakeholders are better informed and can better anticipate changes in either the upstream or downstream part of the value chain.

Ethically Sourced For You's platform can make your business grow by not only getting your product in front of buyers and streamlining product discovery, but by providing an unparalleled opportunity for SMEs to be part of a transparent and traceable blockchain and to be certified as Ethically Sourced.

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Sustainability, provenance and health are now keys issues for shoppers and retailers alike. The whole supply chain needs to be more visible so people can reconnect with where their food comes from. Ethically Sourced For You aims to disrupt these supply chains that jeopardise the food and safety of food by establishing a B2B ethical procurement platform utilising blockchain and our Ethically Sourced kitemark to authenticate traceability, provenance, and transparency.

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