Ethically Sourced™ Certification


There is a big demand market for ethically sourced products. The Ethically

Sourced Network (ESN) has created an Ethically Sourced™ mark to help easily

ascertain that a product is ethically sourced. ESN is creating a network that links

up all players in the supply chain, and provides an ethical supply chain as a

service, that is facilitated by the ESN Blockchain which also helps to ascertain

the provenance of products as being ethically sourced so that they can carry the

Ethically Sourced™ mark.

The Ethically Sourced™ kitemark would be a registered certification label for

ethically sourced products and would encourage consumers to buy ethically

sourced products. The mark will serve as a guarantee that a product has its

provenance certified by the Blockchain.

The emergence of a Blockchain Facilitated Ethically Sourced™ mark has huge

potential for retailers and consumers and the underlying Ethical Supply chains.

ESN has a lot of positives in as much as the infrastructure of the service has

been developed, and it has access to a local web network to help establish the

Ethically Sourced™ mark as a national mark. The local web campaign coupled

with the recognition of the Ethically Sourced mark can help to deepen

engagement, and encourage people to move from positivity to active