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The progressive industry platform for ethical product discovery and sourcing on the blockchain

Innovatively and transparently streamlining product discovery

Products that Enhance your Ethical and Sustainable Portfolio

All products are vetted to be ethical and sustainable. Information on each product allows you to review all of these products, in one place. View the products that also carry the Ethically Sourced™ certification mark. New-to-market or established, suppliers' products will be available to you with smarter search capabilities matching you to the right product. 

A Supply Chain with Greater Traceability and Trust

Our proprietary blockchain supply chain will make it easier to verify and trace the products that you are seeking and suppliers that you choose to work with. Transacting on the platform triggers the traceability of the product at each section of the logistics chain, establishing a true value chain for your company. Each product has a verifiable profile and some products carry the Ethically Sourced™ certification mark that tells a story you can share with your customers to build trust.

Sourcing Without the Searching. Letting Us Find Strategic Partners For You

Discover brands and products faster with a buyer homepage that highlights more in a single place. View products in special view and review curated brands and products in your category with trending collections like highlighted features such as diversity and sustainability. Product summaries are available for all listings, as is detailed information on the company and the brand, commercial and pricing information, shipping and logistics, ethical and sustainable certifications, technical details, and marketing. Our integrated messaging function means you can make quick, secure contact with suppliers, and you're in control of when and if you share your direct contact details.