Ethically Sourced Network

Making Supply Chains more Resilient 

Who are we?

The Ethically Sourced Network is a B2B platform that provides market access for suppliers of ethically sourced and sustainable products utilising a decentralised blockchain supply chain creating an infrastructure to facilitate transactions with buyers. 

Why Blockchain?

It offers a trustworthy database of records, a smarter, traceable, transparent and more efficient food ecosystem. Our blockchain offers approved users with direct access, from farm to store and eventually to the customer, to actionable food supply chain details. The complete history and current location of each specific food item, as well as relevant information such as certifications are readily available within seconds when released in the blockchain.. 

How Does ESN work For Suppliers?

A quick assessment process occurs for each supplier to validate their ethical sourcing and sustainability. Once vetted successfully, suppliers will list their product(s) on our platform and be able to access our services. 

Suppliers - Connect To Buyers

Buyers will be able to view your products and we will actively promote them.

Carrying the Ethically Sourced Mark will visibly demonstrate the provenance of your products to buyers

Any orders from buyers will be made directly to you and subsequently fulfilled.

Help Food Banks

Join our #HelpFoodBanks programme. When our approved suppliers supply our partner retailers/buyers, a donation is made by those suppliers as a percentage of transactions, to Fare Share, to help them support Food Banks throughout the nation..

Join the (Block)chain

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The Ethically Sourced Network is a leading online B2B platform that streamlines product discovery, transparency, and certifiably sustainable sourcing between ethical suppliers and responsible buyers. It innovatively disrupts the traditional supply chain and by utilising blockchain technology through its Ethical Direct Supply Programme, it gives an advantage to you, as an ethical producer.

It innovatively disrupts the traditional supply chain by utilising blockchain technology through its Ethical Direct Supply Programme.


""Being an ethical and sustainable product in a crowded industry, it is hard to get to buyers directly. ESN's platform did that for us and more. Being on the blockchain as well gave our product and company an extra level of traceability for the buyers and consumers. And we have been certified as Ethically Sourced and proudly display it on our packaging!"

evo3 olive farm 


"Thanks for your support - it is most welcome and appreciated."

Project Manager,

Middlesbrough Food Bank Centres

Alan Jones

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